About the project…

Open Newtown is proud to be leading on the One Planet Generation project, with specialist support from local experts. This project is funded through the Welsh Government Rural Development Programme and is part of a wider partnership which brings together like minded organisations working in Newtown and its surrounding areas, engaging communities and businesses in sustainably managing their natural resources alongside piloting new models for health, wellbeing, and resilience.

The One Planet Generation project will work with young people to investigate our environmental impact and what we can do, as a community and individuals, to reduce it.  It aims to empower young people by providing the tools and support to enable them to effectively contribute to the climate debate and plan for a more sustainable future. It will create opportunities for learning and play to take place in our green spaces, encouraging children and their families to get outdoors and hands on with nature.

Did you know if everyone lived like we do in Newtown, we would need three planet Earths?

Young people will inevitably be the generation that will pick up responsibility for tackling the effects of climate change, yet all too often, they are not enabled to join the debate.

The One Planet Generation Project, led by Open Newtown, alongside specialist support from local experts, will work with the young people of Newtown to investigate our Ecological Footprint and develop a footprinting methodology that can be used elsewhere at a market town level.

In addition to this, the project wishes to establish a ‘youth forum’ for young people aged 16-24. Here they will come together to learn, share ideas, and have their voices heard.

Finally, it is recognised that learning and play in nature has huge benefits for children’s health, wellbeing, and development.  The One Planet Generation project will create opportunities for learning in nature, around Newtown to enable local children to experience these benefits.

For more information about the project please contact: Kerala@opennewtown.org.uk

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