Improving wellbeing 

‘Where the Severn Smiles’ is a partnership project (see below) that aims to demonstrate the link between sustainably managed green spaces and increased well being.  

Together the partnership is delivering: 

  • Community Engagement events and taster sessions across Newtown 
  • Free workshops, delivered by our partners, in the green spaces (Update March 2020 – All workshops have been postponed due to Covid-19)

What’s happened so far 

  • 4 community engagement events were held in schools and community halls across Newtown – Over 350 people attended, experiencing free taster sessions in art, nature, sport and food.  Our winter engagements were held indoors due to weather / winter light conditions. 
  •  Over 40 free workshops for the people of Newtown, to be delivered by the various partners. Inviting participants into the green spaces to enjoy community art, local food and conservation. (Currently postponed due to Covid-19)

Further information

If you would like to contact Adam Kennerley (Project Manager) about this project please complete our Feedback form and select ‘Project: Where the Severn Smiles’ from the drop down menu.

Working in partnership 

The project is being led by Open Newtown in partnership with Oriel Davies Gallery (focusing on art in green spaces), Cultivate Co-operative (dedicated to developing a local food economy), Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust (with a nature and wildlife focus), Circular Economy Mid Wales (focused on the sustainable use of materials), North Powys Tennis Association (with a passion for sports and activities) and Pont Hafren (mental health charity) working with local businesses to focus on the link between nature and wellbeing. 

Costs & Funding 

The work is funded through the Welsh Government’s ENRaW programme (Enabling Natural Resources and Wellbeing). 





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