We have partnered with Tir Coed to engage with the Newtown community and collaboratively design a seating area that caters to our town’s specific needs and desires. To ensure inclusivity, we reached out to various groups and invited their representatives to provide feedback on the project.



Our primary goal was to create a functional space capable of hosting workshops, while the remaining aspects of the design process such as location, materials, and layout were open to consultation. We initiated the process by organizing a discussion where organizations representing different groups and interests gathered to collectively devise an initial plan.


During the discussion, the group expressed a preference for an open space on unused land. Various ideas for materials were proposed, with earthen berms being particularly popular, alongside a desire for wooden benches. The consensus was to embrace natural, asymmetric shapes to foster a welcoming and accessible environment that could serve as an educational space and also accommodate children’s play.



Since the selected space is open, it was agreed any cover must be removeable due to concerns about potential misuse. To ensure transparency, we displayed the initial design concepts at the Spring Fayre, inviting the public to share any concerns or ideas. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with large logs garnering significant interest.


The main concern raised was the possibility of misuse and vandalism. To address this, we decided to locate the seating area in a highly trafficked public space and utilize sturdy materials to minimize risks. Additionally, by involving the community throughout the process, we hope to instill a sense of ownership and pride in the project.


Given that the seating area will be constructed by community volunteers, we have tailored the design to be inclusive of individuals with varying skill levels and abilities. This approach necessitates avoiding the use of power tools and limiting the size of the earthen berms, ensuring that everyone can participate in the construction process.


The new area, available for organisational and individual use, will be seated in the 25 acres of Dolerw park land. It is part of our vision for Newtown’s green spaces – somewhere nature thrives, as well as places that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.



The build days will be held on the 22nd and 29th June, meeting outside at Hafan yr Afon. Places are limited so please book on if you would like to come.


Click here to book your space.


For any further enquiries please contact jerry@opennewtown.org.uk


Location of the new seating area using What3Words