Where we came from

Back in 2015, the town’s community plan identified our environment and green spaces as important to keep, to make better and to make more use of.

In 2016, the opportunity arose for the community to take on the stewardship of 130 acres of the towns parks, open spaces and river frontage. With the support of Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council this asset came across on a 99 year lease.

To take this land on – and to work with the community on new ideas and activities –  Going Green for a Living Community Land Trust Ltd was formed in 2017. We trade as Open Newtown. Much easier to remember. 

In 2018 Open Newtown secured a £1.1 million grant from The National Lottery Community Fund Wales as part of their Community Asset Transfer fund to enable it to develop the lands assets and to establish the projects and partnerships that would allow Newtown’s green spaces to be managed in perpetuity for the community.

To view a map of Open Newtown’s boundaries please click here (opens in a new window).

Who we are

Legally we are a company limited by guarantee but you will hear us referring to ourselves as a social enterprise (and at times a not-for-profit company). These are all correct and mean we run as a company and must make a surplus to stay viable. Any surplus we do make must be reinvested in our core purpose.

Our written objectives revolve around working collaboratively with people in our community, engaging them in the sustainable management of the natural resources. 

Open Newtown is ‘owned’ by its Members. Our Members are all organisations from across Newtown who are involved with the towns environment and / or who make use of the towns green spaces.

Open Newtown is run by an unpaid volunteer Board who guide its work, support the staff and promote our work. Day-to-day a small staff team runs the projects and is supported by a large band of enthusiastic volunteers. 

A glimpse to the future

Plans to unlock the economic potential of the green spaces and river include creating opportunities for sports, recreation, events, well-being, tourism and the local economy and community. 


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