Opportunities for People and Enterprise working with Nature

Open Newtown is a community owned company dedicated to making life better. Helping create rich and diverse wildlife in and around Newtown we both develop and deliver a range of projects. Some are long-term like the 99 year lease of the towns urban parks, whereas opening up the spaces to cycling and canoeing is a short term project with everlasting benefits. Wherever possible our activities are founded on strong partnerships and foster community cohesion, a sense of place and community spirit. The idea being that we help make Newtown open for all.

Who we are

Our current projects:

Unlocking the land

At our heart are 130 acres of public open space managed by the community for the community. A collaboration with the Town Council, its first five years are supported by the National Lottery Community Fund.

Grasslands management

Open Newtown’s land management plan has been created to ensure sustainable land management that manages costs, increases biodiversity based on historical land management techniques and delivers the range of aspirations that the public hold for the town’s green spaces. Read more here

Where the Severn Smiles

is all about getting people connecting to nature to improve their wellbeing. We co-ordinate a partnership of six dynamic, local organisations working through food, art, nature and materials

Mtb trail / BMX pump track

Nearing completion is a mountain bike trail across the hill and pump track supported by Sports Wales. Set within the heart of the town, it is set to make your hearts race.

Big new playpark

In collaboration with the Town Council’s investment in the community, new play parks for little and big kids are being built. Replacing the dilapidated Town Park play area they nestle in alongside the model steam railway.

Riverside Venue

Recently announced investment from the Welsh Government will see us partner with our County and Town Councils to replace the dilapidated old Radio Hafren building with a community focused venue for our riverside.

Healthy walking and cycling

Simple stuff. Supported by PAVO a programme of walks and cycles rides open to all and helping all ages and abilities get moving.

Open Energy

Looking across all of Newtown, this project is developing plans for more renewable energy (PV), for managing our biomass resources (what do we do with all this cut grass) and  helping all householders to live in affordably warm homes.

Low carbon transport

Working in collaboration with partners in Machynlleth, Caersws / Carno and Welshpool to establish a string of car clubs alongside the Cambrian Railway Line. Using electric vehicles to give low carbon and lower-cost access to vehicles.

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