About the project…

Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust, Cultivate and Oriel Davies Gallery are proud to be a member of the Wellbeing in Green Spaces project, led by Open Newtown. This project is funded through the Welsh Government Rural Development Programme and is part of a wider partnership which brings together like minded organisations working in Newtown and its surrounding areas, engaging communities and businesses in sustainably managing their natural resources alongside piloting new models for health, wellbeing, and resilience.

The Wellbeing in Green Spaces project aims to harness art, food, and nature in the green spaces of Newtown for the health and wellbeing of the local community.

There is growing evidence universally of the health and wellbeing benefits of being in nature. Newtown, like most communities in Wales, has a range of physical and mental health problems, which could be treated or prevented by access to nature.

Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust, Cultivate and Oriel Davies Gallery have for many years have been delivering informal and largely undervalued wellbeing services based on nature, food growing and art.

By working together, the partnership will deliver workshops in Newtown led by experienced nature conservation and arts practitioners, which will be open to all.

Throughout this 19- month project, the partnership will run a series of structured workshops, focusing on the management, and understanding of nature on our doorsteps. Participants will be able to attend structured workshops, targeting communities most in need.

The ambition is to develop this partnership into a viable social enterprise ‘service’ which can continue well beyond the funded project stage. As well as running the workshops, the partners will be recording evidence, cataloguing case studies, and drawing up as feasibility study (Business plan) over the life of the project.

Upcoming sessions…

Drop in events:

Grab your coat and boots, give your senses a treat and get a little gentle exercise at the same time  !

Join our free weekly wellbeing sessions from short walks to get to know our wonderful green spaces. Try your hand at monitoring and mapping our trees and plants.  Led by workshop leader, Mel Chandler, you will be shown how to care for and maintain Newtown’s  Edible Trails –   free fruit and forage on our very doorstep !

These free sessions run every Thursday morning from 11am until 1pm – Meet us outside the Oriel Davies Gallery. All welcome!

First workshop – Thursday 24th February 2022.

Bookable events:

Regular workshops with a focus on wellness and enjoying the natural world

Noticing the changing seasons, the weather and wildlife makes us feel good in body and mind and connects us to the bigger picture.

Over the next year or so Oriel Davies Galley will be running regular workshops with a focus on wellness. The workshops will link to the seasons and landscape, set in Newtown’s beautiful parkland.

We’ll be working with natural materials including clay, willow and charcoal.

The workshops are suitable for adults who are looking for an improved sense wellbeing.

To book on these free workshops, please click HERE

To register your interest and receive further information about the upcoming wellbeing sessions in 2022, please contact: enraw@opennewtown.org.uk


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